Are you exploring to how to install WhatsApp on pc? Then discontinue your search here, here is an excellent tutorial for that. This article will teach you the right way to download WhatsApp for home windows 8 or windows 8.1/7 PC. This tutorial is very easy and effortless if you go through each step very cautiously to install WhatsApp on pc. In case you have iOS devices, you could also download WhatsApp on iPad/iPhone devices.

whatsapp for pc
whatsapp for pc

WhatsApp has bought mind blowing facets and users are going loopy all over the world. Most users utilize this android app on smartphones for the chatting motive in WhatsApp for PC. These people who chat in smart phones wish to revel in it by chatting in the computer. Follow these effortless steps to download WhatsApp for PC.

How to install WhatsApp on pc? There are few approaches to install WhatsApp for pc, however some are difficult issues. In every method there will likely be a complicated part.

1) To have WhatsApp for PC, you should have the software BlueStacks. This makes it possible for your PC to be installed with WhatsApp for pc download. It is a program which is free of charge and has a tiny file size.

whatsapp for pc
1) whatsapp for pc

2) After you download this BlueStacks software from the reputable webpage, simply install it by giving double click on the downloaded file, such as you install other software for your PC.

whatsapp for pc
2) whatsapp for pc

3) Be certain that you have web connection as you install BlueStacks for PC. In the event that you face any error while installing it, see BlueStacks manual. In case your setup of BlueStacks is successful, open BlueStacks and do the next steps.

4) Open BlueStacks whatsapp for windows 8. At the lower right corner you’re going to see “Time”. Click on Time. In the desktop, you will see Time once more, click on that one. Now click on the choice “Settings”.

5) There you will see Change Language, Cloud Connect, Keyboard Settings and other matters. It is important to change settings. Simply remember this; it is going to be helpful at some time.

To download WhatsApp for PC, there are few simple steps you must follow.

6) Open BlueStacks and look for WhatsApp. Type ‘WhatsApp’ and then click on “Search Play for WhatsApp”. Then install WhatsApp by clicking on the icon.

whatsapp for pc
whatsapp for pc

7) Install WhatsApp on PC. Next receive the app permissions.

8) Then you’ll see the WhatsApp download window, it will roughly be 13MB. After completing WhatsApp download, stop. Do not open WhatsApp. Go back to Home.

whatsapp for pc
8) whatsapp for pc

9) To make use of these free messengers you have to synchronize your android mobile and laptop. That is simply four steps. See this to synchronize your PC to laptop and Smartphone.

10) To sync PC and mobile, download BlueStacks Cloud Connect for your Android mobile. If you have already got it, then no need to download it. Or else, you could download it from the Google Play store.

whatsapp for pc
10) whatsapp for pc

11) If you open BlueStacks Cloud Connect (Android cell App), it is going to ask for your pin. You may get this pin from “Cloud Connect” in BlueStacks in PC.

  • This is how to get the PIN. Now open BlueStacks and go to “Cloud Connect” which will appear in the “Settings”.
  • Here you must enter your email and mobile number. After that you’ll get a pin to your email.
  • That is the pin you need to enter into your Smartphone BlueStacks Cloud Connect, enter this pin here.
whatsapp for pc
11) whatsapp for pc

After entering the pin, click on “sync” in your BlueStacks Cloud Connect.

12) Now that your PC and Smartphones are synchronized, you can use WhatsApp on pc. All of the things are over, let’s see how to open and use WhatsApp in your laptop.

13) Open BlueStacks and click on the WhatsApp icon. Agree on terms and conditions, after which you are going to be asked for the mobile number. Enter your number and proceed with the details filling approach.

whatsapp for pc
13) whatsapp for pc

14) It will take around 5 minutes to send the pin number to your phone. In case you get a message sending failed, then do a voice call. For those who click on “voice name”, then you will get a call from WhatsApp customer care and tells you the 6 digit pin to continue to the subsequent step.

Afterwards enter 6 digit pin in your set up procedure, and you’ll come to your profile data. Provide your identity and non-compulsory profile snapshot. That’s it, tell your friends to come to the WhatsApp after you complete your profile data.

whatsapp for pc
whatsapp for pc
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