The right time to say I love you in a romantic relationship

There is a need for you to know when to say I love you in a relationship because there is always a very perfect time to say I love you. I love you should not just be said when its full meaning will not be fully comprehended. It should be said when your partner will be able to appreciate the enormity of the 3 words I love you. To say I love you to the girl of your dreams, there will be a need for you to set the stage right like the environment. There is definitely when to say I love you and as such it is imperative for you to know how soon is too soon to say I love you because saying I love you is simply baring your heart to the love of your life and as such should not be said with levity.

When to say i love you

I love you

There is a need for you to know the answers as to who should say I love you first in a relationship and when should you say I love you if you are involved in an intimate romantic relationship.

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1) What does it really mean to say I love you:

I love you is a way of letting the person that you are in a romantic relationship with know that he or she means so much to you. It is a way of letting your partner know that the feelings you have for him or her run very deep and that you are in the relationship most likely for the very long haul and not just for the fun that you can catch from it. It is also a way of letting your partner know that he or she means the world to you and it can also make you a victim here because baring the way you feel to your partner will make you vulnerable to him or her and if the feeling is not reciprocated it can lead to a lot of negative reactions and mockery from a partner that does not return the feeling and it can lead to a heart break which will be the resultant effect of an unrequited love from your partner.

2) When should I say I love you:

When to say i love you

Saying I love you is a matter of personal opinion and the peculiarity of each relationship because it is always better saying about love when you feel it the most. The best time to express the love that you have for someone differs from one culture to another just like who to say I love you first. In some cultures saying I love you to the person you have feelings for is not seen as a very big deal while in some it is a very big deal and as such would always be seen as something very sacred. So when to say I love you should be determined by the peculiar nature of each relationship and culture but it would be better to say it when the relationship would have been up to 6 months because that is when the relationship would be believed to have lasted for some time and is mature enough for you to know your true and deep feelings towards your partner.

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3) Who should say I love you first:

There is really no hard or fast rule about who is to say I love you first to the other. Should it be the girl that should tell her man that she loves him or should it be the man that should tell his woman that he loves her first? Well to be candid, in the ancient times, it is seen as the prerogative of the man to first tell his girl that he loves her before the girl could now respond but in the modern times, the girl is equally free to tell her man that she loves him. I don’t really think that there should be a laid down rule for this because the girl might be the bolder of the two in the relationship or she might be the first to get clued in that she had fallen in love with her partner so why not tell him. The only thing that should be considered greatly before telling your partner the powerful three words of I love you is the situation on ground. Ensure that you tell your partner that you love him or her at the right time when the true meaning of the word could be understood and when the atmosphere is right for the words.

4) Be your unique self and set the pace for the magical three words of “I LOVE YOU”:

When to say i love you

There is a very good reason why you should just be you when you are in a relationship with the one that you love. It is because you are you which makes you unique and since you are unique, the way and the when of saying I love you should not be dependent on any laid down rules of some other people. The one thing that should be put into place is the issue of how to go about telling your partner that you love him or her.

The following should be greatly considered before popping out the greatest words in any romantic relationship which is the I love you:

a) There is a need for you to study your partner and to know when is the best time to tell him or her the way you feel about him or her. This is very important because you will not be expected to tell him or her that you love her or him while you are having some sort of misunderstanding or when your partner is pretty tired, worked up or even stressed up because the whole intent of the word would be greatly misunderstood. It should be said when you are both calm and relaxed so that your partner will know that you are exactly sure of what you are saying and that you mean what you are saying.

b) You can tell your partner the way you feel after a good romantic evening of going out on a date. This will definitely be like having an icing on the cake.

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c) I love you should not be used as a bait for having sex with someone because it goes beyond that. It is all about your deep feelings for your partner which you cannot help but feel; it is a matter of the heart that cannot be controlled by you.

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