In as much as we try to vaccinate against contracting whooping cough, some people are likely to encounter some complications. Every known drug has some form or sort of associated side effect.

whooping cough vaccine side effects

Generally, whooping cough vaccination is safe. They have no associated severe side effects. They may only have side effects that are very mild. Some of these only occur in certain persons due to allergies or the presence of an illness in their medical records. Even for pregnant women, it is not bound to cause any further childbirth complications.


You may experience some slight side effects from using DTap vaccine. These are very mild and usually vanish naturally after some few days. Some of these are:

  • Tenderness, redness, swelling and pain in the region where the shot is given can last for up to a week or more.
  • General body aches after taking a shot of DTap.
  • Mild feverishness may be experienced by vaccinated persons
  • Unusual feelings of fatigue for a number of days after a shot of DTap.
  • Headaches may be experienced as well after taking a whooping cough vaccine.
  • Diarrhea may be suffered as well.

These are likely to occur in people who have taken multiple doses of DTap vaccinations. More specifically, persons that have taken their 4th of 5th doses of the DTap series are more likely to experience them than first and second timers.

Other allergic reactions may be experienced as well. These include dizziness, hoarse voice, pale skin, muscle aches and pains, hives and speedy heartbeat.


The case of children is quite tricky. On seldom occasions, children may suffer brain injury or damage after taking a whooping cough vaccine(DTaP or Tdap). Worse of all, it can lead to death. This is most likely among those with a history of past vaccine reactions such as high fever, unusual convulsions, tenacious screams and crying as well as inflammation of the brain.

In order to guard against whooping cough vaccine side effects, make sure your kids are severely examined and tested for allergies and other probable health complications before allowing them to be vaccinated. Have a nice day.

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