why do men cheat

It can be said that the simple reason why men cheat on their wives is the reason of the physical thing of sex and nothing more but this cannot be said to be the case all the time. There can be the emotional reasons also and to clear the air of once a cheater always a cheater, it is expedient that some of the reasons why men cheat on their wives be looked into. This article will take an in depth look into some of the reasons of why men cheat. This has always been an age long question that has been asked by women over the years. Women really want an answer to these questions why do men cheat? And do all men cheat? There is also the puzzling issue of knowing the signs of a cheater because as the saying goes once a cheater always a cheater.

Why do men cheat on their wives?

This is a question that has plagued women from different ages why do married men cheat? And how do you know men who cheat? The following are some of the reasons that will help you solve the puzzle of why men cheat:

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1: For emotional reasons

why do men cheat

Surprising isn’t it? Yes, very surprising as most women are of the belief that why men cheat is based purely on the physical reasons of wanting the act of sex from another woman. This is not always the case as men also feel emotional pain when there is no more romance in the home and this usually happens when there are children in the marriage. Most women end up spending more of their time with their children, devoting all of their energy to their children and allowing the romantic spark in their marriage to die completely. This can make men go out in search of romance. To help men women should always put the needs of the man first before that of the children because they are the first baby that a woman had to take care of before the arrival of the children.

2: To help save their matrimonial home

why do men cheat

Unbelievable you may say but it is true as it has been discovered that most married men that cheat on their wives do so to save their marriages. They do not want to end the marriage with a divorce simply because they love their wives so much, what they now do is to seek for sexual satisfaction and romance outside of the home in order not to fight with their wives whom they love so much and thereby lead to the death of their much cherished marriage and home. This can be seen as unbelievable but it is absolutely true. Why do men cheat? Why do married men cheat? Men cheat in order to save their marriages from ending up in a divorce.

Why do people cheat?

People cheat for several reasons which range from emotional reasons to physical reasons to boredom to abuse and neglect and so on. It is however important for you to know these facts about men who cheat:

  • Men who cheat on their wives more often than not cheat on their wives with women that they know and are comfortable with. The more a man knows and is comfortable with a woman the more likely he will cheat on his wife with her. Most affairs always start off as a platonic relationship before it gradually metamorphoses into a huge affair and this is usually when the feelings the couple have for each other starts running deeper than it initially was. Most men cheat on their wives with their colleagues that are close to them.
  • A wife can help her husband from falling into this sort of messy affair by being his best friend, always making out time that is specially preserved for the man when she will cuddle him, make out with him even if it does not always end in sex, let there be an exclusive time for only you and your husband. Don’t ever let the children steal all your time and sap all your energy before your husband gets home from work.
  • Another way by which you can help your husband is by you taking out time to keep the romance in your marriage alive and this you can do by taking out time to go on dates as a couple without the interference of the children. No matter how difficult it may seem or how impossible it may seem, make out time from the impossible time and you will be glad you did because your marriage would have been sustained and the spark in your marriage restored.
  • When your husband starts making sexual demands from you more frequently than he usually does, buys you gifts more frequently than he usually does, it is usually more often than not an indication that he just started cheating on you. There will be a need for you to look into the sudden change of attitude as soon as possible to help him nip the affair on the bud before it generates into a monster when he will no longer be interested in you. The sudden change in character is usually the initial feeling of guilt at cheating on you and this attitude will later change to that of neglect which is when the affair would have become stronger and the guilt would have simply disappeared.
  • It is important that you still be the loving, adorable and sexy girlfriend that he fell in love with and got married to as this singular factor will help save your marriage. Don’t turn into a nagging wife that will be acting like a mother always trying to tell him what to do and what not to do. What he did right and what he did not do right. This will make him react in a very negative way and will further push him into the arms of another woman who probably had been looking for a man that they will call their own.

Men who cheat do not necessarily end up as monsters neither does it mean that they do not love their wives. It simply means that they need more attention from their wives.

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