Why do people snore? Sometimes you don’t see any apparent reason why some people snore.

Many people who snore often do not report it due to ‘perceived’ stigma attached to it.

Have you ever been in the room with someone who snore, sometimes you think an airplane is just taking off, it is not funny, the airways may have be obstructed so severely air is barely passing through the pipes.

Why do people snore
Why do people snore? 7 Causes of snoring

Why do people snore? Snoring and sleep apnea is very common is four times common in men than women, and it is caused by obstruction to free flow of air through the windpipe and nasal orifice. It is uncommon for women to snore however, women that snore do have hormonal fluctuations and airway anatomy that may predispose them to snoring.

Causes of snoring depends on the airway anatomy and several factors. This also determine how well snoring can be managed.

Snoring causes the sufferer to experience occasional night sweats especially in chronic stage. Also, snoring causes the suffering to make croaking noise while at sleep which also depend on the degree of obstruction of the airway.

What causes snoring in men differs from women due to anatomical positioning and hormonal influences.

What causes snoring?

Cause of snoring depends on certain factors such as genetics, sex, age, addiction to alcohol and/or smoking, lifestyle. The causes of snoring can be evaluated based on these factors.

1. Sex and age

Snoring is common in men than women, also it is common in men who are over 40 years of age. In older women (around 60-64) who are in or approaching their menopause also exhibit snoring due to hormonal interactions.

In fact it has been established that premenopausal women do snoremore than postmenopausal women due to variations in BMI (Body mass index) as measured by their respiratory disturbance index (RDI).

Also, obese men do have wider neck than their female counterpart, thus a higher fat proportion around the neck which is also contributory factor to snoring.

So why do people snore? It is because they are obese with evidence of fat around the airways, this may lead to choking and further onto severe complications such as in sleep apnea.

Men also have higher chances of pharyngeal collapse compared to women.

2. Alcohol

People who drink alcohol have a higher risk of snoring, this might be worsened by underlying lung diseases which are very common to alcoholics such as bronchitis and pneumonia.

3. Smoking

Have you been hearing this slogan ‘smokers are liable to die young’? Smoking is one of what causes snoring.

4. Muscle relaxation

In older men, muscles at the back of the throat undergoes frequent relaxation which may cause collapse of tissues thus the blockage of airways, this makes those who are above 60 years of age more susceptible to snoring. Muscle relaxants may also cause relaxation of those smooth muscles at the back of the throat.

5. Nasal congestion and allergies

Nasal congestion is very common in asthmatic patients. Any substance such as pollens and nasal irritants may also cause you to snore; Why do people snore; You may start snoring in the night anytime you get close to sources of pollen grains, stay away from it as much as possible as it may trigger nasal congestion and histamine reactions that could make you snore in the night.

7. Enlarged tonsils, adenoids and low jaw anatomy

Those with enlarged tonsils may have problem breathing at night due to blockage of the airway.

Also long palate, long uvula by virtue of their anatomical significance also may cause snoring.

Snoring may lead to sleep disturbance, fatigue, daytime sleepiness, inability to concentrate. It may also have adverse effects on neurological and psychological functions, and may lead to poor cognitive response, poor work results, memory loss, and impaired libido.

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