An unfaithful wife can be said to be a woman who cheats on her husband. A lot of people believe that once is a cheater always a cheater but this cannot always said to be the case because it is possible that something drove a woman into having an extra marital affair that made her to be seen and regarded as an unfaithful wife. It is therefore very important to find out why women cheat on their husband before the conclusion of once a cheater always a cheater could be reached concerning any given scenario. It is also important that each situation is treated in its very peculiar style as the reason why one woman cheats on her husband might be completely different from why another woman cheats on her husband.

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Why do women cheat on their husbands?

why women cheat

The following have been put together in an attempt to answer the question of why do women cheat? The factors listed below can never be said to be an exhaustive list on why women cheat but it covers a great deal of reasons why women cheat. Then the question now is why do women cheat?

1: The reason of emotion

why women cheat

One of the major reasons why women cheat on good men is the reason of emotion. When a woman feels emotionally disturbed in her marriage, there is a great possibility of her cheating on her husband than when she is emotionally settled. Cheating for women is more of an emotional thing – trying to feel some sort of emotional connection with the man that they cheated on their husbands with while for men it is more of a physical thing – the issue of sex, plain and simple. A woman that does not feel loved will definitely look for love outside of her matrimonial home after some time. A woman that her husband does not have time for due to his very busy schedule will also look for a man that will have time for her whenever she needs him.

2: The reason of boredom

why do women cheat

Another reason why some women cheat on their husband is the issue of boredom. A woman who feels bored may end up spicing up her life with an affair as this will help to bring some sort of spark or excitement into her once boring life. It is therefore important for such women to take out some time in their life and do things that will bring excitement into their lives before it will deteriorate to the level or extent of spicing up their lives with an affair which most times turns into a horrible disaster and leads to the end of both their marriage and the affair itself.

3: The reason of neglect

why do women cheat

When a woman feels that she is being neglected in her marriage, she will more often than not have an affair with a man that she feels does not neglect her. When a husband (no matter how good he is) does not take time out to romance his wife, compliment her, make her feel loved and accepted, make her feel special and desirable, make her feel that she is the best thing that has happened to him in his lifetime will most likely lose his wife because she might end up seeking for a man that will give her his time and compliment her (which will in turn make her feel loved and desirable) outside of her matrimonial home.

4: The reason of revenge

why do people cheat

Some women who cheat on their husbands do it for the sole purpose of revenge. Some good married women end up having affairs to get back at their husbands who cheated on them first. They believe in the saying that what is good for the Goose is also good for the Gander. Such sweet, innocent and hurting women must times do not find any kind of fulfillment in such an affair because they entered into it hurting and only trying to get back at their husbands. They see it as a sort of payback thing (they want their husbands to also feel the pain that they felt when they discovered that he cheated on them with another woman who might in most cases not be better than they are or even not as good looking as they are).

5: The reason of marital abuse

why do people cheat

A woman can decide to cheat on her husband when she is being abused by her husband in her matrimonial home. Such kinds of women look for men that will appreciate them for who they are, for men that value them for what they are worth and they do this to seek peace and fulfillment in their lives (this they are apparently lacking in their matrimonial homes). There is a higher percentage of a woman who is being abused in her matrimonial home to have an affair than one who is being treated well by her husband. Most times the affair helps such women to find a purpose for living once again and it also helps them to live a life that is totally independent from that of her husband.

6: The reason of work schedule

once a cheater always a cheater

Some women cheat on their husbands due to the nature of their work. The nature of their work might be causing the husband and the wife to live separately – in different places that might make the woman seek for the companionship of another man that will always be readily available for her whenever she needs him unlike her husband who is living far away from her. This kind of arrangement can also lead a woman to cheat on her husband.

Finally, the question of why do people cheat can be answered categorically by stating simply that men cheat on their wives just for the sake of the physical pleasure that they will derive from it while the women that cheat on their husbands cheat on them because of the emotional connection that they believe they will get from the man with whom they are cheating on their husbands. Men are more likely to cheat on their wives than women are to cheat on their husbands.