William Booth Quotes

You most likely are familiar with the Salvation Army and their works. The Salvation Army was founded by William Booth, a Methodist preacher from Britain. He was the first General of the Salvation Army. William Booth was born in 1829 in Nottingham UK and died on 20th August, 1912 in Enfield, United Kingdom. He was married to Catherine Booth. William Booth quotes have grown with his army, and have been a beacon of hope for people of different nationalities. Popular William Booth quotes highlighted the nature of his army’s work and contribution to humanity. Saving oneself was only the first step, but saving others was the ultimate goal.

William Booth Quotes

  • Look! Don’t be deceived by appearances – men and things are not what they seem. All who are not on the rock are in the sea!

  •  But what is the use of preaching the Gospel to men whose whole attention is concentrated upon a mad, desperate struggle to keep themselves alive?

  •  The greatness of a man’s power is the measure of his surrender.

  •  Go straight for souls, and go for the worst.

  •  We must wake ourselves up! Or somebody else will take our place, and bear our cross, and thereby rob us of our crown.William Booth Quotes

  •  The profession of a prostitute is the only career in which the maximum income is paid to the newest apprentice.

  •  I must assert in the most unqualified way that it is primarily and mainly for the sake of saving the soul that I seek the salvation of the body.

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