“No man they say is an Island of its own” and this is an old English saying and this is actually true because no man can ever be on its own without any kind of interaction with another man. In line with this, it is always necessary that you have someone that you can share your feelings with. We all need someone that is intimate with us or close to us, someone that means the whole world to us whether you are a man or even a woman. It can even be someone whom we can discuss freely with even if there is no intimacy involved. Traditionally, the man is expected to do the chasing but at times, it is the woman that does the chasing. This is a kind of guide for women seeking men.

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Women seeking men

women seeking men

There are many things that will make it possible for the tradition to change which will mean a reversal of role a woman seeking man.  If you are among the category of women looking for men then you are at the right place. Follow these steps and you will get the man of your dream by your side:

1: Be a friend

women seeking men

The first thing that you will need to be as a woman seeking man is to be a friend. This means that you should win your way into his heart by simply being a friend that is always there for him. When you become a friend that he can always count on, you will discover that he will gradually start thinking of having a serious relationship with you. The reason for this is that most men are always afraid of a serious commitment with a woman and to avoid him running far away from you, you will need to make him appreciate and feel comfortable with you as a friend.

2: Don’t be pushy

women seeking men

Women looking for men need to take things slowly if you are among the category of women looking for men. Due to the nature of men, they hate it when a woman is unnecessarily pushy or hasty concerning having a serious relationship. This makes them consider the woman to be a desperate woman and this usually scares men a lot. Try to be subtle in your approach and never show him that you are all out to get him. If you ever make him discover this then you are simply making it impossible for you to get him.

3: Be attractive, intelligent and smart

woman seeking man

Women seeking men need to be intelligent, attractive and smart because most men are looking for intelligent and smart ladies that they will be able to discuss intelligently with. They do not want a dummy as a friend. Make it a must to be attractive at any point in time; this will help you to catch his attention. Remember that the beginning of any lasting relationship is the first impression which is what catches the eye of the man (his fancy). Catch his fancy now with your attractive nature and this can only be achieved through the way you dress. You must not rob a bank or become a fashion model on the runway to be able to look attractive.

4: Character

woman seeking man

Most men like women that are humble and this also entails being soft spoken to a man. As woman seeking man, you will need to be soft spoken in order to be able to attract him. Your appearance or beauty might be able to help you get him easily; it will take only your very good character to be able to keep him. Beauty will help you get the man of your dreams enter into a relationship with you while your character will help you keep him as well as maintain the relationship. The huge importance of your having a good character can never be over emphasized.

Women looking for men

As women looking for men and have finally gotten the man of your dreams after following the guide listed above, it is important for you to also take note of the following tips as it will help you have a healthy relationship with your man:

5: Dating

woman seeking man

When you are out on a date, always remember not to finish the wine that is poured into your glass on the first date because if you do it will give the man the impression that he is on a date with an alcoholic. Sip your wine slowly and never be in a hurry to finish your wine, remember to take your time and remember not to finish the wine. This little seemingly insignificant action will make the man want to keep you because he will be of the opinion that he has got himself a woman of class.

6: Don’t invite him in

women looking for men

If you are out with a man on a first date, it is best that you do not invite him into your house as this will make the man know and value you because he will discover that you are not overly interested in just having great sex but that you are interested in having a meaningful relationship with him. This helps boost up your value in the eyes of the man.

7: Don’t pester him with calls

women looking for men

Men hate women that are always pestering them with calls as they get the feeling that the woman is simply desperate and men hate desperate women. Learn to give him the break that he deserves and wants every once in a while and this will make him love you the more. If it is even possible give him a very clean break and let him be the one that will be wondering what happened to you. This will make him seek you out.

8: Live your life

women looking for men

That you are in a relationship does not mean that you should not have a life of your own. Men love and respect women that have their own lives separate from that of their relationship. It shows a mature woman that is ready for a long lasting relationship with her man.

Women seeking men should always learn to be subtle in their approach as that is the only way that will help them get their man.

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