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In life, there is nothing as emotionally fulfilling, satisfying and rewarding like being in a relationship with someone that you love and care deeply for and this is irrespective of the kind of relationship that you are involved in whether it is a platonic relationship or even an intimate relationship. If you are a woman seeking woman or even a group of women looking for women, it is expedient and needful that you know how to go about it so that you will be able to get someone that you love that you will go into a fulfilling relationship with. This article will help enlighten you on how best to go about it if you are women seeking women.

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Women seeking women

There are so many things that have to be considered and put in place for women seeking women and this is because it is not your usual straight relationship. The following are a few out of the numerous factors to put in place to be able to get the woman of your choice if you are a woman seeking woman:

1: Maintaining eye contact

women seeking women

This seems to work well for everyone and it is better understood by women looking for women because a woman will always understand the eye contact made by another woman to her. Let your eyes do the talking to her and make sure it is done in such a way that she will be able to pick and understand the message that your eye is sending to her. When making eye contact, don’t just look at her and then look away, make sure that she notices that you are looking at her then you will need to hold onto the gaze for a few seconds or even probably a minute before looking away and your eyes would have sent the message that you appreciate and admire the other woman.

2: Touch her lightly

women seeking women

The act of touching has been known to be the most ancient way of showing that you love or care deeply for someone. This is so true in that babies even as tender as they are recognize the message that is usually passed across through the instrumentality of touching as when you carry a crying baby and touches as well sings to him or her gently, softly and tenderly such a baby succumbs to your touch and stops crying. This tip should not be ignored by women seeking women because it has been known to have worked in the time past, still works in the present and will keep working in the future. Touch her lightly by brushing her arm; holding her while talking to her or giving her hair a little twirl as this will surely make her notice that you are around.

3: Compliment her

women seeking women

A  woman seeking woman should be prepared to shower the other woman with a lot of compliments after all we are all girls and we know that we girls thrive a lot on compliments. Every girl appreciates compliments irrespective of how tough looking such a girl may appear to be at the exterior and do you know one great thing about girls, they blossom and radiate under compliments. To be able to get the attention of the woman that you care for and want to have a relationship with, you will definitely need to shower as many compliments as you can on her. This will make her notice you, look forward to hearing from you and at the long run make her exclusively yours if you are interested in an intimate relationship with her. Tell her how nice her hairdo fits the shape of face, how good her clothes are on her, how great her shoes are and how lovely her physique is. All this will go into making her turn putty in your hands.

4: Learn to be humorous

woman seeking woman

There is nothing that makes life worth living if not a very good sense of humor that can make you live through a stressful or even a seemingly disastrous day. Women looking for women should be able to learn and master having a great sense of humor. It is a well known fact that no one ever forgets the person that puts a smile on his or her face in a hurry and this is true about girls towards their fellow girls. Try to develop and master the act of putting a smile on someone’s face most especially on the face of the girl that you have the intention of having not just for an ordinary relationship but for an intimate, healthy and well meaning relationship. Also learn how to take a joke in good faith when you are being teased as this will help to make you a more sociable person and it will also help you to build a good and long lasting relationship with the one that you love.

5: Be honest

women looking for women

Everyone loves the policy of honesty and I sure believe so does the girl that you intend to win her heart. Being honest is a very good way of winning the heart of anyone because no one likes a person that is living a false life or worse still feeling that he could fool people around him or her with his or her lies. Live your life on a very honest and open policy that will make the woman of your choice trust, believe, rely, depend and feel free with you. It is always a very good foundation and basis of a relationship that will last long.

6: Have a positive attitude

women looking for women

There is a need for you to have a positive attitude if you have the intention of winning that woman over. People like people that will help them to maintain a positive attitude towards life not people that will make them feel that life is not worth living. Learn to give out positive vibes wherever you are especially around the woman that you are trying to get in a very relaxed way and you will discover that you will win her over faster than you can ever expect.

Putting in all your best in a relationship after you have won your partner over will help you build and enjoy a long lasting relationship.

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